Blog to Book in Lebanon: Maya’s Amalgam 2

Today’s Gulf News profiles four entrepreneurs who are “building a career on the Web,” a foursome that includes Maya’s Amalgam author Maya Zankoul.

Zankoul, who just announced her “Volume 2” book launch (set for August 4), hopes to achieve wider distribution with her second book-from-blog. Her first book was self-published, but, she told Gulf News: “Eventually, I self-published it and it was among the top five books at Virgin Megastore [in Beirut].”

She added:

“This time I want to try to have the book available for everyone. It will [be] in the Gulf for sure,” she said. “I’m trying to have it available on Amazon, but that’s been a challenge.”

The books are a compilation of comic panels that Zankoul has posted on her blog, Maya’s Amalgam.

Zankoul says of her blog: “This blog is a place to release the tensions created by daily hassles, or simply to tell stories of my daily life through fast illustrations.”

Yet more evidence that comics—as Henry Matthews told Now! Lebanon—are the language of the 21st century. (And certainly that graphic novels in the Arabic-writing world are ready for a boom time!)