French-Arabic Translator Richard Jacquemond to Speak at AUC

Richard Jacquemond, who has translated a number of key Egyptian novels (Zaat, Amreekanli) and written about the poetics of translation as well as about the social and literary history of Egypt (Conscience of a Nation), will be speaking at the AUC next month.

I’m going, ISA, although I would like some reassurance that the talk will be in English or Arabic, since about all I know in French is merci and je ne sais quoi.


  1. Surely you know bonjour!

    What a shame that I will miss this talk … take good notes bil faransi cvp!

    1. My seven-year-old has taught me a few words from his French class, but I’m not sure that the “body parts” terms they’re learning now will help me…

      ISA they’ll put the talk on YouTube as they have with others in the series. Then, if it’s French, you can tell me what he said.

      But I’ll be sooooo ready for sentences like “merci je ne sais quoi la tet.”

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