New Journal to Consider ‘Only Work Translated into English’

I’m a bit late on this one, since the Asymptote submissions deadline for Issue No. 1 is…tomorrow.

But, even if there isn’t time to get in your translation, this new Singapore-U.S.-Germany-based magazine will be interesting to browse.

Magazine editors have scheduled a Jan. 2011 launch for the quarterly publication, which promises to be a celebration of the joys of translated literature (a la Words Without Borders), and also an examination of the thorns of art in translation.

Much of the magazine’s Jan. 2011 lineup has already been decided, including:

…an Escher-like story of hyperreal intensity written by Iraqi Mohammed Khudeir and adapted from the Arabic by Rafed A. Khashan

Their submission guidelines are here. Note that they don’t (yet) pay. You can also find the magazine on Facebook. (Thanks to AsiaWrites for pointing this out.)