UPDATE: ‘Seductions of Imperial Translation’ Event Cancelled

From Dr. Samia Mehrez: “We regret to inform you that the CTS In Translature lecture by Professor Shaden Tageldin, scheduled for tomorrow, Monday November 21 at 6 pm, Oriental Hall, Tahrir Campus is cancelled due to continuing events in the Tahrir area. We will try to reschedule the event in the near future and will keep you informed.”

Also on Monday, from 1:00 pm -2:00 pm, Margaret Litvin will lecture on “Hamlet on the Barricades: Global Shakespeares, Arab Dreams.” You can find Margaret in the ECLT conference room (HUSS 1104), Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud Hall, AUC New Cairo.

Litvin is the author of Hamlet’s Arab Journey [Princeton UP, 2011]. Plus, you know, she’s guest-posted on this blog.


  1. AAAGH! I’m reading Prof. Tageldin’s book right now! Wish I could be there!

    You’d think I’d run into her somewhere, as she’s at MI and I’m at Wisconsin…

    1. Weirder still! I did my MFA at Minnesota, and here I look back in my email and was encouraged to meet her…but never did (and obviously don’t remember the email).

      1. This is so wrong. The three of us should be having coffee.

        I hope you’ll meet her tomorrow, and give the rest of us a report on her talk!

        1. But now they’ve canceled it! They could at least just move it…if they insist…

          1. Ok I didn’t even see that. Not good.

            Maybe it’ll still be rescheduled? Probably too early to tell. Rabbina ma3kum.

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