43rd Annual Cairo International Book Fair Take 2: Postponed

UPDATE UPDATE: The news seems to be that the fair will open on the 22nd-24th, close on the 25-26, re-open on the 27th and run through the 7th of February.

Photo from @3am_Mina. Tents going up for 2012 book fair.

UPDATE: The Cairo International Book Fair has been postponed to February by the Minister of Culture “to avoid coinciding with the 25 of January.” The fair is now set to begin in early February.

Publishers have expressed deep concern with this decision and asked for it to be repealed.

This comes after the Egyptian publishers’ union and the General Egyptian Book Organization (GEBO) voted to move the region’s biggest book fair back to its original location: the Nasr City fairgrounds.

Last year’s Cairo International Book Fair was delayed from a Jan. 26 opening to a scheduled Jan. 29 start because of difficulties in setting up at the Cairo International Conference Center. Then January 28 happened, and deposed Pres. Hosni Mubarak never made it to Nasr City to ceremonially open the fair.

This year’s fair is—isA—back to its old (cheaper, bigger) stomping grounds on Salah Salem Street. It was originally set to run Jan. 24 – Feb. 6 with this year’s guest of honor as Tunisia. Although now that is thrown into question. 

Rentals are less expensive this year than they were at last year’s (cancelled) fair. According to Ahram Online, “For publishers who have already paid, the money will be refunded or they will be given additional space not available at the conference halls.”

One also imagines this fair will also be less restrictive, and “non-book” items will be freely sold.

Last year’s schedule is still up on the CIBF website.


  1. Hi, I have real in al-Ahram that the Cairo Book Fair has been cancelled until sometime in February. Is this true or just a rumour?
    What are the new dates?
    If the Fair has been cancelled then this is a disaster for Egyptian Publishing.

    1. Sorry, I should’ve updated the story. I have now.

  2. Hi,

    I phoned up the Cairo Book Fair number (Cairo) 25775228 and I spoke to some of the officials and they know say that the Book Fair will open as normal on the 22nd January. Maybe other readers and bloggers could confirm this. If we all phoned them we would all have a better idea of when the Book Fair will start. There are conflicting reports and statements and it difficult to know who to believe.

  3. The latest I have been told is Jan. 22-24 ON, Jan 25-26 OFF, Jan 27-Feb 6 ON. But I wanted to get some kind of generalized consensus before updating again.

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