Full Program: ‘Narrating the Arab Spring’

If you attend the “Narrating the Arab Spring” conference that begins today at Cairo University, you should get a program as you arrive. If you’re so able, please do give Twitter updates using the hashtag #NarratingAS.

If you won’t be attending the conference, go ahead and download the program here and follow the debates at #NarratingAS. We should have commentary (and photos), isA, from Dalia Ebeid, and Assmaa Naguib, and perhaps from me as well.

If you would like to write up commentary inspired by the conference, please do let me know.


  1. Very ironic that such an event is occurring in #Cairo where everybody was hoodwinked by Mubarak handing the keys of power to SCAF, yet so many were jubilant at the time.

  2. can we actually attend if were are not students in Cairo university or registered??

    1. Yes, yes! I would be there, except my kids are sick.

  3. Great, Thanks! I will be taking the day off from work, so I was just making sure first 🙂

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