New Arabic Poetry and Fiction Online (in English)

The poetry and prose translated below are new online this November and December. I’m sure there’s more I’ve missed:


imagesJadaliyya: Wadih Saadeh’s “Because of a Cloud, Most Likely,” trans. Ghada Mourad.

You can also read Saadeh’s “Their Place” on Jehat, trans. Sargon Boulus.

Poetry Daily: Saadi Youssef’s “The Wretched of the Heavens,” trans. Sinan Antoon and Peter Money

Jadaliyya: Saadi Youssef’s “The Glance,” “December,” and “Bees Visit Me”, trans. Antoon and Money

Note: These four are all from Youssef’s Nostalgia, My Enemy (trans. Antoon and Money), collected from Youssef’s work over the last decade and published this month by Gray Wolf Press.

QISASUKHRA: Four poems by, and three pieces on, Osama al Danasouri, trans. QISASUKHRA

Egypt Independent: An excerpt of Sharif Elmusa’s “Moons and Donkeys” for the people of Gaza


images (1)Words Without Borders: Excerpt of Mahi Binebine’s Horses of Godtrans. Lulu Norman

Note: Yes, I know Horses of God was translated from the French. It’s also forthcoming in 2013 from Tin House Books. Tin House has another excerpt on their website.

Vice: An excerpt from Fawwaz Haddad’s Solo Piano Musictrans. Max Weiss.

QISASUKHRA: An excerpt from Mohammad Rabie’s Year of the Dragon

QISASUKHRA: Two excerpts from Youssef Rakha’s The Crocodiles: “The oblivious body”  and “In the evening I think on Moon