New for March: Poetry, Novel Excerpts, More in Translation

New online from Jadaliyya‘s latest “culture bouquet”, Words Without Borders’s March issue, the Poetry Translation Centre, The Kenyon Review, others:


Autumn Here is Magical and Vast,” Golan Haji, trans. Stephen Watts

Revolt Against the Sun” by Nazik al-Mala’ika, trans. Emily Drumsta

In the Doorway of My Friend’s House,” Abdelkader al-Hosni, trans. Marilyn Hacker

Blackness, “Luqman Dayraki, trans. Ali Al-Baghdadi

I’m a Child of This Century,” Abdellatif Laâbi, trans. Andre Naffis-Sahely

Aleppo Diary,” Fouad Mohammad Fouad, trans. The Poetry Translation Workshop (including Golan Haji!)

In the Old Tavern,” Muzaffar Al-Nawwab,  trans. Sinan Antoon.

More about al-Nawwab:

Muzaffar Al-Nawwab remembers a distant childhood (interview with Sinan Antoon).

“I lived in Europe for eight years and I never liked it. I lived in France, Greece and other countries. When I am on my way to an Arab country I just smile. I feel the sun coming.”

“Stirring Words: Traditions and Subversions in the Poetry of Muzaffar Al-Nawwab,” Arab Studies Quarterly, Carol Bardenstein

Poems from the Maghreb: Introduction and Selections, ed. Pierre Joris & Habib Tangour

Includes work by Ahmad Al-Majjaty, Medhi Akhrif, Omar Berrada, and Djibril Zakaria Sall.

Hamdy El Gazzar addresses Egypt’s latest protests in the words of poet Salah Abdel Sabour, trans. Nour Abdelghani

Novel excerpts

32 by Sahar Mandour, trans. Nicole Fares

You can also read another excerpt from 32 on ArtEaste, trans. Rayya Badran .

Short prose

Thus Spoke Che Nawwara,” Youssef Rakha

Stories from “The Hedgehog,” Zakariya Tamer, trans. Marilyn Hacker

Prison Sketches,” Omar Al-Kikli, trans. Sebastian Anstis