If You’re in London: Etel Adnan, Hisham Matar, Ma’n Abu Taleb, and Sophia al-Maria

If you’re in London, don’t miss the 2013 Shubbak Festival’s big literary finish, with four fantastic authors exploring “Arab London’s artistic and literary heritage”:

ehtifal-mapThe authors will both read from their own work and join in a panel discussion. According to short-story writer Ma’n Abu Taleb, who will be reading from his story “كل الأشياء” — translated for the occasion by Wiam al-Tamami: 

The panel will be in two parts (I think). From what I understand [artist Ibrahim] Al Salahi will talk about Al Tayyeb Saleh, and the panel’s theme will be around the legacy of Al Tayyeb Saleh in the Arab world and on the Arabic imagination of London.

Mapping Arab London is an attempt at understanding Arab existence in London, and London’s existence within the Arab imagination.

 Author and artist Sophia al-Maria, who wrote the wonderful memoir The Girl Who Fell to Earthwill also read a new work, although one related to her memoir. Abu Taleb said he was particularly looking forward to meeting the other authors on the panel, who include the much-celebrated Lebanese poet, playwright, novelist, and painter Etel Adnan and Libyan novelist Hisham Matar, whose debut novel, In the Country of Men, was shortlisted for the 2006 Man Booker. Publisher Margaret Obank will also be on the panel.

 According to organizers, “The event is part of Continuous City: Mapping Arab London, a series of talks, discussions and publications mapping relationships between London and Arab cities that is developed by Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art in Doha, the Serpentine Gallery’s Edgware Road Project during Qatar UK 2013 Year of Culture.”
They also note: The event is free of charge, but booking is essential. For booking details, please email information@serpentinegallery.org