International Translation Day 2013: Tickets for London Symposium on Sale Now

September 30 is “International Translation Day,” with this year’s theme as Beyond Linguistic Barriers – A United World, proposed by the Congolese branch of the International Federation of Translators. For the fourth year, London will host an ITD symposium: 

itdThe event — which was sold out last year — invites translators, students, publishers, booksellers, librarians, bloggers and reviewers to debate issues in and around translation, and to enjoy good translations.

The program runs from around 9 to 9, with seminars on getting started, editing translations, reviewing translations, “wasting time online” and much more. There’s also a program on “making translations sing,” where Helen Chadwick speaks about her work translating interviews into songs, and an hour with Ngugi wa Thiong’o in conversation with Amanda Hopkinson.

And, in the evening: “‘German Comedy Ambassador’ Henning Wehn, leading Bangladeshi comedia Naveed Mahbub and guests join Natalie Haynes for an evening of comedy sets and conversation all about the pleasures and pitfalls of being funny in other languages.”

As in previous years, I expect there will be heavy Twitter coverage at #ITD.

A full schedule is online.

Last year, on Egypt Independent, we ran a quiz to celebrate International Translation Day:

“A Brief History of Translation” — you can still take it.

The year before that, we had a series “In Other Words.” A few of the pieces:

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