Sneak Peek at Ganzeer’s New Graphic-novel Project

Ganzeer (the Egyptian artist Mohamed Fahmy) has been threatening to get to work on a big graphic novel for some time. Now it seems that he has:

A few panels have appeared on his website, along with the note that this is a “[s]neak peak of work-in-progress pages from a graphic novel I’ll be working on over the next couple of years. Will reveal more information a bit more down the line.”



If you’re interested in Ganzeer’s work (as you should be), get yourself a copy of his collaboration with Donia Maher and Ahmed Nady, The Apartment in Bab el-LoukIf you can’t get your hands on the original Arabic, you can read Elisabeth Jaquette’s excellent translated excerpt on Words Without Borders. 

Keep following Ganzeer’s work:

At his website, You’re welcome.