Sunday Submissions: Orison Books and Poetry in Translation

Orison Books seeks to “publish spiritually-engaged poetry, fiction, and non-fiction of exceptional literary merit.” By this, they don’t mean religious work, but work that has “a transcendent aesthetic effect on the reader,” where reading itself is a “spiritual experience”:

orisonbooks_wp_logo2They add, in their submission guidelines:

Such work is not merely about spiritual contemplation, but itself leads the reader into profound contemplation. It is not merely about the sublime, but itself has a sublime effect on the reader. It is not merely about the mystery of being, but itself heightens the reader’s sense of the mystery underlying the fabric of our daily lives.

The call that’s particularly of interest is for poetry in translation:

Submissions of full-length (60 pp. minimum) poetry collections in English translation are accepted year-round. The translator must have permission to publish the translations, or the original work must be in the public domain per U.S. and international copyright law.

There is no fee for submissions, although those who choose the “$10 donation” option will be helping with administrative costs. Manuscripts will receive equal attention either way.

You can submit here.