Sunday Submissions: ’70 Years, The Palestine Issue’

Mizna magazine is working with a theme for their Winter 2018 Issue, which will be guest-edited by playwright Ismail Khalidi:

They write:

This year marks 70 years since the dismembering of Palestine. To commemorate seven decades of resilience in the face of displacement, occupation and discrimination, Mizna is publishing a special Palestine-themed issue, guest edited by Ismail Khalidi. We’re seeking innovative and thoughtful creative writing from writers of all backgrounds which steers away from the didactic; work that combats erasure by remembering, by giving us new insights into the past and present as well as by imagining possible (and impossible) futures. Please adhere to our general submission guidelines below. Sponsored by the City of St. Paul’s Cultural STAR Program.

Ismail Khalidi is a playwright and director who has written, directed, performed, curated, and taught internationally. Khalidi’s plays include Tennis in Nablus (Alliance Theatre, 2010), Truth Serum Blues (Pangea World Theater, 2005), Foot (Teatro Amal, 2016-17), Sabra Falling (Pangea World Theater, 2017), Returning to Haifa (Finborough Theatre, 2018) and Dead Are My People(Noor Theatre, 2018).

They note that contributors “do not have to be of Arab descent provided their work is of relevance to the Arab-American community.”

Submissions must be fewer than 2500 and must arrive with  a short bio as an email attachment to, with the word “submission” in the subject line.

The deadline is August 1, 2018.

More about submitting at