Sunday Submissions: Poetry Collection for Orison Books

Orison Books is looking for full-length poetry manuscripts — a minimum of 60 pages — in English translation through the end of this month:

According to their guidelines, the manuscripts may be submitted either “through the no-fee option or through the $10 donation option, which will help with our administrative costs.” They add that manuscripts “will receive equal attention and consideration, regardless of whether they are submitted through the donation option or the no-fee option.”

What sort of poetry are they looking for?

We at Orison Books believe that the best spiritual art and literature call us to meditate and contemplate, rather than asking us to adopt any ideology or set of propositions. In our view, spiritual writing has little to do with subject matter. Such work is not merely about spiritual contemplation, but itself leads the reader into profound contemplation. It is not merely about the sublime, but itself has a sublime effect on the reader. It is not merely about the mystery of being, but itself heightens the reader’s sense of the mystery underlying the fabric of our daily lives.

Find more at their Submittable page. Submissions close October 31.