An Artist’s Homage to ‘Season of Migration to the North’

Next Thursday, Sudanese artist Mohammad Omar Khalil is set to launch his artist’s book Season of Migration to the North, a homage to Tayeb Salih’s classic novel:

According to organizers:

Omar Khalil’s prints explore Salih’s 20th century masterpiece, a tale of migration from South to North and the pain of return. A cornerstone of postcolonial literature, the work explores the dynamics of interaction between so-called civilised and developing worlds, and interrogates the origin and validity of these notions.

Ten original etchings by Mohammad Omar Khalil depict scenes from Season of Migration to the North. The etchings are a visceral response to a work lodged deep within the artist’s memory.  Khalil’s works accompany a distinctive new edition of the Arabic novel, designed by Reza Abedini. Alongside the Arabic version sits a secondhand copy of its English translation, sourced from online retailers—a reference to the novel’s mobility and continued influence on East-West dialogues.

More about the event on the Mosaic Rooms website.

Also: Salih fans should read Sofia Samatar’s essay, “Dear Tayeb Salih,” in the Fall 2018 issue of ArabLit Quarterly.


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