Anomaly is an international literary journal focused most particularly on “especially innovative and experimental literature and arts”:

Anomaly features special sections, or folios, in each issue, as well as between issues.

Previous¬†Anomaly¬†folios have included the May 2019¬†Egypt folio (#26), ed. Hazem Fahmy, and the Translation Folio (#25), ed. Anna Rosenwong, which featured — among other things — Shireen Hamza translating Ali Abdeddine.

If you’re interested in proposing a theme or¬†topic for an upcoming Anomaly¬†folio:

…please submit a brief, 500-word description, making sure to specify what genres will be included in the content of your folio, and the names of¬†some potential contributors (you do not need to already have content selected, just a few names as examples!).

Folios proposals are accepted and reviewed on an ongoing basis. Propose a folio via Submittable.