Friday Finds: Najwan Darwish, ‘An Afternoon in Albaicín’

This summer, Poetry Translation Centre will be publishing a new PEN Translates-winning collection by Palestinian poet Najwan Darwish, titled Embrace, translated by Paul Batchelor and Atef Alshaer:

While you wait, you can read a new poem by Darwish translated by his long-time collaborator Kareem James Abu-Zeid, who translated Darwish’s acclaimed 2014 collection, Nothing More to Lose

The news of your death reached me
one sweltering afternoon
as I sat with friends on a peak of Albaicín.
They said, “your death.”
I said, “your life.”

You can read it all in Issue Five of New Poetry in Translation, where you can also read an excerpt from Quebecois-Algerian poet Ouanessa Younsi’s Bird-Borrowingstranslated by Katelyn Cross.

It opens:

My parents peeled my skin like a fig. I was, each day, a different fruit.


Younsi’s From Bird Borrowings

Darwish’s “An Afternoon in Albaicín

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