Friday Finds: New Independent Lebanese Publication, ‘The Public Source’

The Public Source, a new Beirut-based independent media organization, launched yesterday with “Dispatches from the October Revolution”:

They write:

We conceived The Public Source as a platform for in-depth, long-form accountability journalism. With the spark of revolution, we precipitated our publishing date and launched the platform with Dispatches from the October Revolution to convey the spirit of the day and offer insider observations into the multi-front struggle against the governing political-economic order. This section is open to all workers, organizers, activists, and agitators, students and intellectuals, theorists and academics, artists and researchers to share ideas, collective experiences, and analyses at this critical historical moment.

One of their initial pieces is “Taking the Bus Alone,” by poet Zeina Hashem Beck, and it weaves together the different moments that coexist in her body’s memory and about being a woman in public spaces.

They are still looking for pitches and submissions, tips and leaks, journalists to join their team, and donations.