Friday Finds: Two Short Works by Hisham Bustani, Tr. Thoraya El-Rayyes

Over at The Georgia Review, editors have published two short bilingual pieces from their Summer 2020 issue by Hisham Bustani, Englished by Thoraya El-Rayyes:

Out of Nothingness; Harakiri; Treatise on Passion and Adulation; & Water Riddle, translated from the Arabic by Thoraya El-Rayyes

El-Rayyes’s translation of Bustani’s short-story collection The Perception of Meaning won the 2014 University of Arkansas Arabic Translation Award and was published, in a bilingual edition, by Syracuse University Press the following year.

Bustani’s “The Disappearance of Bubuz,” in El-Rayyes’s translation, is set to appear in ArabLit Quarterly’s Fall 2020 cat-themed issue.

More works by El-Rayyes and Bustani:

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