#WiTMonth Bulaq: ‘Reporting While Arab and Female’

For the UK launch of Our Women on the Ground, an updated discussion of this collection of essays by women journalists from around the region, “Reporting While Arab and Female“:

You can listen to the episode at Sowt, or any podcast app, and follow more from editor Zahra Hankir.

Hankir writes, in a several-tweet thread:

So much of the excellent journalism that’s being produced out of Beirut under recent harrowing circumstances is by local women reporters including @seldeeb @LunaSafwan @hwaida_saad, etc. These women have had to contend with traumatic experiences including damage to their homes, physical injuries & otherwise. And yet they are committed to bringing us the story. OWOTG celebrates the sahafiyat on the ground all over the region who have profound ties to the countries they report on. Rather than writing personal essays in the immediate aftermath of crises. It took many of these women yrs to process what they witnessed & to articulate their feelings, given those ties. I am proud to have worked on this book & I intend to continue amplifying the voices of local reporters. Do join me in doing the same #OurWomenOnTheGround #OwnVoices.

And she adds: “A necessary shout out to local male allies who are also doing such incredible work on the ground (Our Men on the Ground) 😀 @nabihbulos @timourazhari @chehayebk @HashemOsseiran.”


Reporting While Arab and Female

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