Join PEN America’s 3rd installment of their Women in Translation Reading Series 2022, featuring: Ibrahim Sayed Fawzy (trans.) and Rema Hmoud (Arabic) Caroline Wilcox Reul (trans.) and Andra Schwarz (German) Ali Kinsella & Dzvinia Orlowsky (trans.) and Halyna Kruk (Ukrainian) Arunava Sinha (trans.) and Sangeeta Bandyopadhyay (Bengali) Ellen Vayner &Continue Reading

The 2018 book, al-Maqtari said in an interview with al-Madaniya, was an attempt to “resist death through writing”; she added: “It was a simple attempt to document the narrative of the war and its dark memory based on those affected by it. It contains the memories of victims, whose suffering the warring parties insist on deepening and exploiting, and shows how all of the parties in the conflict, in the end, are murderers.”Continue Reading

ArabLit Staff This week, we continue our Women in Translation Month (#WiTMonth) Wednesday series of “9 Stories” lists. In 2021, we featured short fiction by Sudanese and South Sudanese women, by Algerian women, by Egyptian women, and by Syrian women, all in translation. This year, we added nine-story collections of work by Palestinian and Lebanese women writers, also inContinue Reading