Upcoming Events: ‘Experimental Translation Workshop,’ ‘God99,’ ‘Englishing al-Hariri’

Events coming up in the next week include a Zoom book discussion of Hassan Blasim’s God99, in translation by Jonathan Wright; Michael Cooperson’s talk about “Englishing al-Hariri”; and, next Saturday, “An Exploration of Experimental Translation” Workshop:

February 11:

A book-club discussion of Hassan Blasim’s God99.

February 11

Michael Cooperson will talk about “Englishing al-Hariri” at 5:30 pm EST, at an event hosted by the Middle East Studies Student Association at the University of Chicago. To register, visit the University of Chicago‘s Zoom site.

February 13

WHAT CAN A TRANSLATION BE?: An Exploration of Experimental Translation
Workshop with Emma Ramadan.

In this workshop, participants will look at translations that are purposely experimental or divergent in pursuit of artistic aims besides preserving the spirit of the original text. What do these experimental translations achieve? In what ways do these works differ from what we normally think of as “translation”? What new layers of meaning can be wrung out of a text through this kind of engagement with an original work?

Time: 1-3pm EST (2 hours)

Cost: $25-75 (Sliding scale, discounted from $40-90)

Register here.