Sunday Submissions: ‘Private Retreats and Public Summons’

Mophradat is putting out a new open call titled ‘At Home With the Kids’:

The organization has a new home in Athens. In this venue, they write, they aim to provide “room and respite for individuals, collectives, and organizations from the Arab world who are championing progressive narratives and values.”

As a first step toward this goal, they are launching a two-year program called “Private Retreats and Public Summons.” This program will use “different formats and registers, including collective retreats, thematic residencies, seminars, workshops, festivals, and more.” Their overall theme for 2021 is “mother,” expanding on ideas from their recent book Why Call It Labor? On Motherhood and Art Work.

The first open call for participation is for an on-site retreat: “At Home With the Kids.” 

They write:

Being mothers, (involved) fathers, caregivers and parents is a part of many people’s identities—one that is often ignored within the art world.  As we are actively looking for ways to shift access to opportunities, opening up our venue in Athens as a summer retreat for artists and their families to live together, where artists can work and children can play in an experiment of communal living, is one attempt at doing so. Three artists (and partners) with young children will be invited to spend a month-long residency in the venue. 

You can find out more about eligibility criteria and how to apply here.