Upcoming Events: ‘Against Disappearance,’ ‘Ancient Egyptian and Premodern Arab Poetics’, Arabic in Academic Publishing, More

A few of upcoming online events:

March 8

A discussion on Reading Children’s Literature in Translation with @RuthAhmedzai and @HelenWangLondonSign up through Event Brite.

March 9

Shubbak’s “Against Disappearance,” with writer and historian Marina Warner, writer and activist Hammour Ziada and writer, editor and publisher Abu Amirah. More here.


Also, “Deconstructing the Notion of Literary Genre: Ancient Egyptian and Premodern Arabic Poetics.” University of Birmingham’s Hany Rashwan will give this Center for Translation Studies talk at 7 p.m. Cairo Time. Sign up online.


Also March 9, Publishing Perspectives and the Sheikh Zayed Book Awards will co-host a discussion called “Representation of Arabic Voices and Topics in Academic Publishing,” in which they ask: “How can the academic publishing community ensure that a wider range of Arabic voices and topics are better represented in their catalogues and in scholarly discourse?” Featuring scholars Tarek El-Ariss and Dag Nikolaus Hasse, and acquisitions editor Abdurraouf Oueslati. Register online.

March 11

The “A Book From The Archive” series is a monthly themed design sessions in which organizers invite 3-4 speakers from a specific area of Arabic design and they give a talk about an Arabic covers they select from the Arabic Book Cover Archive. This talk is with Maya Moumne; register online.

Coming later in March

March 16

PTC Online Workshops: Egyptian Arabic poet Mostafa Ibrahim. More here.

March 18

The MENAWA book-group discussion of Layla Alammar’s The Pact We Made is set for March 18 at 5 p.m. UK time. Zoom details: Meeting ID: 741 2343 6837. Passcode: 9abXzk. More on Twitter.

March 19

Yasmine Motawy talking to Leila Aboulela about literature, history, and human rights in her book The Kindness of Enemies as part of @respond_read project. More here.

KALIMAT: An evening showcasing three spoken-word and musical artists: @DanaDpoetry@JulianaYaz & @RafeefZiadahMore here.

March 21

Adabiyat Book Club discusses Aboulela’s The Kindness of EnemiesMore here.

March 24

On March 24 the student-run Arabic Lecture Series at NYU’s Kevorkian Center will host an event with scholar, poet and translator Mona Kareem titled, “على أطلال الأدب القومي: عن أدب يكتبه الغرباء” (On the Ruins of National Literature: Literature Written by Outsiders). More here.

March 26

Poet Najwan Darwish will be discussing his new collection of poetry Exhausted on the Cross in a discussion moderated by Founder and Director of the Cheuse Center, Matthew Davis. Register in advance here.

March 27

@ARCENational will host “Zikra: Remembering ‘Abd al-Halim Hafiz,” a presentation by Dr. Nicholas Mangialardi on the singer’s musical legacy & live performance of ‘Abd al-Halim hits by Egyptian jazz band. More here.

March 31

Arabic Literary Prose, Adab Literature, and the Formation of Islamicate Imperial Culture” with Ahmed H. al-Rahim. From organizers: “This lecture, based on a chapter in the forthcoming The Cambridge History of World Literature, traces the rise of Arabic prose in the context of empire building and translation of Middle Persian and Graeco-Hellenic literature that transformed Arabic into a literary index of civilizational interconnectivity (with ancient Greece, Persia, Sogdia, and India) and thus into a language of world literature.”