Sunday Submissions: ‘Arabpop’

The new Italian magazine Arabpop is calling for submissions for their first issue:

They write:

Arabpop logo

Arabpop is a new magazine in Italian devoted to promoting contemporary arts and literature from the Arab countries and explores the cultural changes introduced or simply made visible by the 2011 Arab revolutions, following their trajectories and future developments. Arabpop showcases original works by Arab artists and writers living inside and outside the Arab region, featuring long forms, interviews, translations of cultural articles from the Arab press, books, movies and music reviews, and much more. Available in print and digital formats, Arabpop is a magazine for all kinds of readers, written in a clear and comprehensible language aimed at involving a wider readership and not only the experts.

Arabpop’s first issue will be dedicated to the theme of the metamorphosis, in its widest possible meaning: change and evolution of artistic sensibilities, political revolutions and setbacks, as well as literary mutations, musical contaminations, changing bodies and identities. Arabpop’s first issue wants to say out loud that the Arab culture is not (nor has ever been) in a presumed condition of eternal stasis, but it’s alive and kicking!

The editors are particularly interested in:

  • Short stories, poems, comic stories, and excerpts of novels originally written in Arabic, English, French and German, which have never been published in Italian;
  • Unpublished translations from Arabic into Italian of short stories, poems, essay excerpts, novels and comic stories;
  • Articles, longforms, short essays and interviews in Italian, Arabic, English, French, and German;
  • Photographs;
  • Editorial illustrations;
  • Reviews of Arabic books (essays, novels, poetry, etc.), which have already been translated into Italian, or that are still unpublished;
  • Movie and music reviews, as well as reviews of cultural events.

Pitches must be sent to by April 30 with a short bio (max 100 words). Finalized submissions must be in by June 30.

Additional information as well as the call for submissions (in English, French, Italian, German, and Arabic) can be found at their website.