Friday Finds: Amazigh Literature in Translation

The MULOSIGE project (Multilingual Locals & Significant Geographies) has put together a collection of resources on Amazigh literature in translation:

They have three major sections.

The first is Oral Literature from the Moroccan Middle Atlas,” in Tamazight and English translation; these tales are told by Fadma Tainsirt. You can read the transcription of the original Tamazight and the English translation by Abdessamad Binaoui, preceded by an introduction by the editor and collector of the tales, Lhoussain Simour.

The tales include “The Witty Shepherd,” “Mlalija, the Orphaned Princess,” “Fawdent, the Unwanted Sister,” and “Zadraqa, the Ruling Bird.”

The second is on “Riffian Literature,” and the extracts from Tarifit literature of the Rif are translated for the MULOSIGE project by Mohamed Daoudi.

There are eight different works, including “Aliens in Your Own Lives,” “The Seagull,” “O Thunder,” and “Concrete That Has Defaced the Hamlet.”

The third section,Other Resources on Amazigh Literature and Culture includes two episodes from the programme “Tamghart” (literally woman) on two Amazigh women from Morocco. The episodes are in Tamazight, Moroccan Darija, some French and English, with Arabic subtitles. The first episodes is on the activist and researcher Meryem Demnati. The second one is the singer Hindi Zahra. 

Find them all at the MULOSIGE website.