Fiction, Sudan

New Short Fiction from Sudan: ‘Nameless,’ by Mohammed Hamad Mahmoud

“On joining primary school, I started leaving sufficient space for my non-existent name at the right margin of the page, followed by my father’s full name, who died and immortalized his name through me. I did the same in my English notebooks, at the left side of the page. I was the third person in all languages and descriptions in the universe.”

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New Short Fiction from Syria: Ibrahim Samu’il’s ‘The Bathroom’

“Cautiously, we came up with a plan.  We studied it from all possible angles. We considered all the odds and maneuvered a way around each one. We kept in mind the lessons learned from previous prisoners, the schedules of the guards and the timing of their shifts, as well as the distance between the prison cells and the nearest public street, taking particular note of where pedestrians were permitted to roam.”

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