Sunday Submissions: ‘The Markaz Review: WALLS’

The Markaz Review is calling for submissions for their May issue on the theme of WALLS:

They write:

Logo of The Markaz Review.

TMR is an international platform for creative inquiry, criticism, performance and dialogue that explores the arts, humanities and current affairs. Recognizing that we live in a world fragmented by racism, gender discrimination, settler-colonialism, class and caste systems, xenophobia and orientalism, we raise our voices for social justice and human rights.

The theme of the May issue of The Markaz Review is walls, both literal and figurative. Not only are we interested in publishing critical thinking on national populism (as witnessed for instance in the US, Israel, France, Germany, the UK and other countries), but we seek short stories, poetry, videos, podcasts and art that helps us think more clearly about the walls that exist, the walls that need to come down, and the walls inside ourselves.

The editors are particularly interested in:

  • essays, feature articles and reviews of books, film, music, theatre and art (1000–3000 words),
  • profiles/interviews of artists, filmmakers, musicians and writers (1000–3000 words),
  • opinion columns (750–1,500 words),
  • all covering a worldwide array of visual, literary and performing arts events, as well as current affairs.

Queries of one or two paragraphs must be pitched to no later than April 30, 2021.

Please find more information as well as past issues of TMR at their website.