Sunday Submissions: Rusted Radishes’ ‘Money’ Issue

The Beirut-based literary and art journal Rusted Radishes is calling for submissions for its 10th issue on the theme of MONEY:

They write:

The Rusted Radishes logo.

In this issue, we want to shine the UV light of counterfeit bill detectors on the concept of money itself. What comes up that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye? What other systems are emerging as alternatives? What does “free” signify today? Where can one locate desire in economies as they prosper and crumble? What power implications does the concept of aid, foreign and domestic, hold? How does the materiality of currencies and exchange speak to the affective and the visceral?

We are seeking literature and artwork that grapple with these concepts and more and that speak about or reflect that ever present story: money.

Submissions are accepted from anyone who has a relationship with Lebanon or the MENA region.

Make sure your submission conforms to the guidelines published on their website and submit via Submittable for this print issue by May 15, 2021 or send web-only submissions (open call) to