Sunday Submissions: ‘Arabpop’

Italian literary magazine Arabpop is calling for submissions for their second issue:

Arabpop logo

They write:

What ideas of the future can emerge from the works of intellectuals and artists living both in the Arab countries and in the diaspora? How art and culture can become tools to fight the frustration of a future first dreamt and then denied?
Spanning from gloomy dystopias to crazy utopianisms, from sci-fi futures or metaphorical reconstructions, to concrete practices of emancipation from the legacy of the past, we are looking for contributions that tell how Arab art and culture are trying to articulate the existing tension between apocalyptic realities and a desire for the future through new narratives able to carry the humankind beyond a suffocating and alienating present.

The editors are particularly interested in:

  • short stories, poems, comic stories, and excerpts of novels originally written in Arabic, English, French and German, which have never been published in Italian;
  • unpublished translations from Arabic into Italian of short stories, poems, essay excerpts, novels and comic stories;
  • articles, longforms, short essays and interviews in Italian, Arabic, English, French, and German;
  • photographs;
  • editorial illustrations;
  • reviews of Arabic books (essays, novels, poetry, etc.), which have already been translated into Italian, or that are still unpublished;
  • movie and music reviews, as well as reviews of cultural events.

Pitches must be sent to by November 30 with a short bio (max 100 words). Finalized submissions must be in by January 31, 2021.

Additional information as well as the call for submissions (in English, French, Italian, German, and Arabic) can be found at their website.