Sunday Submissions: Two Literary Magazines

Rusted Radishes is open for submissions on the theme of ‘Letters & Liminality’ until December 31, 2021:

They write:

Rusted Radishes is keen to read your best epistolary poetry, prose and creative non-fiction that focuses on themes of in-betweenness, diaspora, migration and exile for its online webzine. 

Why the letter? It is a powerful platform for this moment in the S.W.A.N.A region. Having once been a Western literary mode of writing for powerless women restricted to private spaces while writing about love, betrayal and solitude, letter-writing has now expanded to encompass powerless and underrepresented communities at large. In doing so, literature has utilized the properties of the letter to tackle some urgent matters in the Middle East, Near Eastern, Arab and Muslim world. It has engaged the letter’s transnational nature to write about migration and otherness, its dialogic property to focus on mediation and contestation, its subjectivity to highlight conflict, its fragmentation to make visible the broken Self, and its private nature to disclose inequalities. 

This series will be edited by Mai Serhan in collaboration with Rusted Radishes. The magazine accepts submissions from anyone who has a relationship with Lebanon or the MENA region, whether you are from there, have traveled or worked there, or have some other tangible connection.

Read the full submission guidelines at their website. The deadline for submissions is December 31, 2021.


Also open for submissions is BAHR magazine:

They write:

At BAHR, we’re looking for work that scintillates, beams, shimmers, blazes, that has something to say and says it with its chest.

Submissions may consist of 3–5 poems or up to 5 pages of prose, all attached in one document. While simultaneous submissions are encouraged, only previously unpublished work can be accepted.

The deadline for Issue 3 is December 31, 2021. Any submissions after this date will be considered for the next issue. Submit your entries to and find more information on their website.