Coming Online: Archive of Latin American Arabic Newspapers

Earlier this month, the North Carolina-based Khayrallah Center announced that, through its partnership with USEK Library in Lebanon, the center would be adding digital periodicals from USEK’s Latin American collection to their online searchable database of Arabic newspapers published in the Americas. They note that these “170,000 pages of periodicals were written in Arabic and published in Brazil and Argentina by Lebanese immigrants, dating back to the 19th century onwards.”

This partnership is part of the project founded by the Khayrallah Center, which collects the archives of early Arab immigrants to the Americas.

They write: “These records have not been readily accessible because they were dispersed and stored in disparate locations, and not digitally searchable. Consequently, the Center has created a completely searchable database of these publications by developing our own Arabic OCR technology to render the digitized images of these history pages into searchable text.”

You can register for a free account and start searching at