Sunday Submissions: Two Online Literary Journals

Four Way Review, an online, triannual electronic journal, is looking for submissions of translated poetry, according to their poetry editor and frequent ArabLit contributer Sara Elkamel:

The editors write:

Four Way Review accepts poetry and fiction from both established and emerging authors. We look for work that demonstrates fine attention to craft while retaining a powerful and compelling voice. We want writing that showcases the imagination’s unique ability to refine the raw materials of human experience

All styles and forms of poetry in translation are eligible, with translators asked to submit 3-5 translated poems at a time (no more than three times a year), along with the original poems and a confirmation of permission to publish the translations. Only previously unpublished submissions will be considered.

Find out more at Four Way Review‘s website and use their online submissions manager to send in your translations.


Also open for submissions is Ancient Exchanges, an online journal devoted to literary translations of ancient texts:

They “welcome submissions of previously unpublished English translations of literature composed during antiquity in any language, as well as visual art and other non-textual media that engage with the practice of translating ancient literatures.”

Concerning the term “ancient”, the editors explain:

We recognize that the chronological boundaries defining historical periods are often ideological and that the terminology used to discuss literary periods can vary widely across cultures and languages. We define the “ancient” in Ancient Exchanges quite broadly. If you use the words “classical,” “premodern,” “medieval,” “antique,” “archaic,” and/or “old” to describe the literature you translate, you are likely in the right place.

To submit, you should send you translation and the original text(s), brief bios of both translator and author, and a translator’s note (under 1000 words) speaking to your translation process.

Collaborative submissions as well as essay pieces on using literary translation and Ancient Exchanges in teaching and visual pieces are also welcome.

Please find more information on what and how to submit at Ancient Exchanges‘s website and send in your work by October 31, 2022, to be considered for this year’s Fall issue.