Sunday Submissions: Shakomako & BCLT ‘Stylistic Border Crossings’ Conference

Submissions have opened for Shakomako’s print issue and for the British Centre for Literary Translation’s new conference ‘Stylistic Border Crossings in and Beyond Translation’.


Iraqi magazine Shakomako are looking for writers, researchers, designers, visual artists, filmmakers, sound makers, creative souls and troublemakers to contribute to a special print issue of that will mark 20 years since the US war on Iraq.

This new issue will celebrate people’s resilience. It will pay tribute to art created in the face of artillery, communities holding themselves together when the sky was falling down on them and all the different ways people have worked for a different Iraq.

You do not have to be Iraqi to submit, and all submissions should be in English.

To learn more about submissions, you can send them a direct message on Twitter or email them at the following address:

Deadline is 5th February 2023.


British Centre for Literary Translation: Stylistic Border Crossings in and Beyond Translation Conference

BCLT and East Centre have opened submissions for papers for the following conference, to be held on the 9th-10th March: This conference offers a venue to discuss cross-lingual stylistic transfer as an approach to understanding crucial aspects of today’s globalised literary market. It will address the question of stylistic border crossings in four sections: (1) translation, (2) influence, (3) multilingualism and (4) theoretical approaches. We now invite papers on this theme. Papers may address (but are not limited to) such questions as:

  • Case studies of attempts to recreate style across languages, or other situations of transfer of stylistic
    characteristics from one language to another
  • What is style and to what extent is it bound to a language?
  • Do approaches to stylistic transfer developed in translation studies apply in other literary contexts,
    and how?
  • The (ir)relevance of cross-lingual stylistics, and of style as a concept, in today’s literary studies
  • Possible transfer mechanisms and settings
  • Linguistic and stylometrical approaches
  • Transfer of style in and via translation
  • Stylistic stereotypes as an influence on other cultures
  • Bilateral transfer situations

For submission guidelines see here. Further information on the East Centre’s website here.

Abstracts should be sent in by the 31st January.