2023 Comma Press Emerging Translator Prize to Focus on Arabic

This year’s Emerging Translator Prize, co-sponsored by the Bristol Translates summer workshop and Comma Press, will focus on Arabic.

The annual translation competition is “aimed at emerging translators looking for their first publishing opportunity” and is open to those who participate in the Bristol Translates summer workshops. Last year, the competition was focused on Chinese, and first prize went to Florence Taylor.

Taylor, along with runners-up Hongyu Jasmine Zhu and Alison Sharpless, was offered an opportunity to translate a new story for Comma’s forthcoming The Book of Beijing, edited by Bingbing Shi.

This year’s winning entrants will also be offered the opportunity to translate stories for the forthcoming Book of Sana’a. Entries will be judged by Comma Press.

Bristol Translates summer school takes place entirely online, making it accessible to participants around the world. However, bursaries are limited to UK residents. Those interested in bursaries should apply by the end of the month. There’s also an “early-bird discounted rate” for those who apply before the end of March.

For more details on the workshop, bursaries, and how to apply, visit their website.