‘Palestine Writes’ Anthology of Palestinian Literature in the Diaspora

Palestine Writes Press, a new publishing house, has announced their first call for submissions.

One of the first books the new publishing house plans to bring out is an anthology of Palestinian writing from around the world. Palestine Writes Press is an independent, traditional press, overseen by author Susan Muaddi Darrel, that aims to produce 1-2 books a year.

Established and emerging Palestinian writers from anywhere in the world are asked to submit their “new and unpublished poetry, essays, fiction, and dramatic work. Submit up to 4 poems or up to 5,000 words of prose to PWPress@palestinewrites.org by June 1, 2023.”

They write: “Like our parent initiative, Palestine Writes Press is an intersectional space that honors our belief that art challenges repression and creates bonds between Palestine and the rest of the world.”

For more information, visit palestinewrites.org and @PalestineWrites on Twitter.