Internationally best-selling Egyptian author and political commentator Alaa Al-Aswany was a guest on Yosri Fouda’s “Last Word” on Friday.Continue Reading

All right, perhaps more Egyptians are talking about our recent sandstorm or some football match or another. But those who like a good literary scuffle are talking about this. Literary critic Dr. Gaber Asfour has recently had some—well, criticism—of The Yacoubian Building and its author, Dr. Alaa Al-Aswany. The criticismContinue Reading

These aren’t necessarily (all) literary events, mind you, but they are celebrations of the book in English and Arabic. May 20, 8 p.m., Sherouk Bookstore: Mohandiseen, Cairo. As AmiraAK notes below (thanks, Amira!) Mekkawi Said—shortlisted for the inaugural Arabic Booker for his Cairo Swan Song—will be talking about his newContinue Reading