Saturday Submissions: Tajwaal, an ‘International Mobility Grant’ for Arab Artists

Al-Mawred al-Thaqafy recently announced the launch of Tajwaal, a fund supporting international travel for Arab artists who work in a broad range of media and genres:

Tajwaal2016-995x498According to al-Mawred al-Thaqafy, Tajwaal “is designed for Arab artists to support international travel, touring their work, and cultural exchange of all types with grants of up to 8000 USD per application.

In addition to the financial support, al-Mawred will also help with letters to ease the visa process.

Who is eligible to apply? According to the website:

Arab artists of all genres, cultural players, members of a cultural initiative or organization, residents in the Arab region will be eligible to apply for any activity as long as they provide clear objectives, justification, work plan and outcomes, and have secured a confirmed partner and travel is to a country outside the Arab region. Arab artists residing in a non-Arab state may apply, but the program gives priority to applicants in the region. The grant is open to individuals and groups. The purpose of the travel needs to be clearly related to representing culture from the Arab region abroad. This may include the participation in forums, conferences, seminars, festivals, art residencies, artistic production workshops, and networking events. Excluded from the support is the participation in training courses and capacity building workshops. … Applications for the program will be accepted year-round, and evaluated two times per year by an independent selection committee.

Certainly this should apply to authors going abroad to promote their work.

Applications will be accept year-round, and an independent jury will meet twice a year. Round 1 results are scheduled to be announced on April 20 April and Round 2 results on November 20.

More information about how to apply is available online.