Organizers for the Emirati Sheikh Zayed Book Award today announced shortlists in their literature, young author, and children’s-literature categories:

In the “literature” category, judges chose a collection of interconnected short stories, a novel, and a poetry collection, all by acclaimed and multi-award-winning authors:

Egyptian author Mansoura Ez Eldin’s The Refuge of Absencea collection of interconnected short stories (2018)

Syrian writer Mamdouh Azzam’s The Souls of Honeyed Rocks; the story of three friends (2018)

Tunisian poet Moncef Ouhaïbi’s The Penultimate Cupa collection of poems (2019)

Meanwhile, the “young author” category was made up of a novel and two academic stories: Kuwaiti novelist Bothayna al-Essa’s All Things(2017),  as well as studies in Islamic theology and the literature of Abu Hayyan al-Tawhidi.

The children’s-literature shortlist was made up of works by two Emirati writers (Nadia AlNajjar and Maryam Saqer Al Qasim) and the well-known Palestinian author Ibtisam Barakat. The three books were: My Wondrous Outing with Uncle Salem (2019) by AlNajjar, The Lilac Girl (2019) by Barakat, and The Water Seller (2019) by Al Qasimi.

Ibtisam Barakat has two previous works in English: Tasting the Skya memoir, and Balcony on the Moona YA memoir.

According to organizers, a total of 1900 entries were subbed this year; 438 for the literature category, 498 for the young-author category, and 205 in children’s literature.

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