Christmas-day Gift: 8 Poets Translated by Yasmine Seale, Online

It is the ArabLit tradition to share a curated list of poems on Christmas Day.

Here, translations by the gifted Yasmine Seale.

  1. Nizar Qabbani, “The Jasmine Necklace

2. Qasmuna Bint Ismail: The Unnamable Remains

3. Ulayya Bint al-Mahdi, Epigram

4. Asmaa Azaizeh, “Dragonflies” & “Day of Judgement Among Others” & “The Dance of the Soma

5. Nabilah al-Zubair’s “Flood Game & “Game of Difference” & “Game of Reason”

6. A Poem by Dakhtanus Bint Laqit

7. With Robin Moger: Mohieddin Ibn Arabi, Tarjuman Al Ashwaq (The Interpreter of Desires)

8. Saadia Mufarreh’s “Untitled” 

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