Today: Join Palestinian & South African Poets for ‘Writing is a Cultural Weapon’

This week on Africa is a Country Talk, South African and Palestinian poets will discuss their shared experiences of apartheid and resistance:

They write:

We feature South African writers reading the poetry and prose of Palestinian writers (with some hopefully joining us, subject to availability during these trying circumstances). South Africans know the despair and suffering of apartheid. But South Africans also know that apartheid can end. And so, as Palestinians continue to resist, we hope for this to serve as a small gesture of solidarity as they dream of freedom. “A dream is a piece of the sky found in everyone,” asserted the Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish. “We can’t be boundlessly realistic or pragmatic. We are in need of the sky. To strike a balance between what is true and what is imaginary. The dream is the province of poetry.” Presented in association with PEN South Africa. Stream the show on Tuesday, 18 May, at 19:00 in Harare, 20:00 in Gaza, and 13:00 in New York on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

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