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‘If There is a New Feeling, There Must Be a New Word’: A Talk with Nora Amin

” In order to express what, in her view, has not been spoken about before in Arabic literature—women’s perspective on sexuality, in its various forms, from lust to sexual trauma—the author saw the need to invent her own language, which impacts readers with its clarity and sobriety.”

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Publisher Mahmoud Muna on the Launch of an Arabic Edition of Granta Magazine: “We Want to Encourage New and Bold Creative Writing from the Region”

“We hope that the magazine will add some vibrancy to the contemporary Arabic literary scene and that it will encourage bolder creative writing to emerge. We also hope that the magazine will create a space for literary discussion and that it will be a new platform that introduces us to young Arab writers who deserve attention and to be read, and to empower them through Granta’s multilingual world to cross into other languages and cultures.”

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