Maamoul Press recently released an English edition of Rawand Issa’s graphic novel في بطن الحوت (now Inside the Giant Fish) in Amy Chiniara’s translation. This powerful, short graphic novel pairs and parallels the story of privatizing public beaches in El Jiyeh, Lebanon with the effect of living in distant Canada,Continue Reading

“After only a few days—let’s say less than the first week after the appearance of Shalash—he became a phenomenon that occupied public opinion. It was a terrible thing for me, to be influential in a way that I did not expect, and that I could not even imagine, in the sense that readers turned Shalash into their conscience and their exclusive voice.”Continue Reading

“My hope is that these often-revelatory writings, translated into English, can expand readers’ understandings of border policies, and of the diverse range of personalities, aspirations, and experiences that exist among migrants. So I’d like to say that I come down on the side of translating over not translating, with the caveat, of course, of always obtaining full permission from authors and/or rights holders.”Continue Reading

This March, Hiyem Cheurfa’s new book Contemporary Arab Women’s Life Writing and the Politics of Resistance appeared as part of Edinburgh Studies in Modern Arabic Literature series. In it, Cheurfa takes us on a journey through a number of women’s memoirs, written in the context of twenty-first century uprisings. In this conversation, the author talks about the challenges and the difficulties of writing this book and how the texts she studied changed her life. Continue Reading