Sunday Submissions: Exchanges & Malinda A. Markham Translation Prize

Online journal of literary translation Exchanges is calling for submissions:

They write:

We accept translations of poetry, short or excerpted fiction, plays, and literary nonfiction. We also welcome visual art submissions of any medium to be featured alongside our translations.

A critical component of your submission is the Translator’s Note.  Please use this opportunity to speak to the source context of the work, its relevance in the receiving context, and the unique translation challenges faced in its translation.  The Translator’s Note can be a key factor in our decision making process.

To be considered for publication, submissions must include: 

  • both the original and the translation in a copy-pastable format (i.e., we prefer not to receive pdfs);
  • 50- to 100-word biographies of both author and translator;
  • a note on the process of translation (please refer to our previously published notes for ideas);
  • and permission for online publication of the original text from the rightsholder(s).

Send your queries to by November 8, 2021 and find more information here.

Also open for submissions is the Malinda A. Markham Translation Prize:

They write:

This translation prize honors the life and work of award-winning poet and translator Malinda A. Markham. The award is generously funded by Jennifer S. Epstein.

Manuscript must be a translation by a female translator of a female poet. Female is interpreted as anyone who identifies as female, including AFAB nonbinary, genderfluid, agender, and intersex.

The winning submission will be published by Saturnalia Books and its translator(s) will receive $2000.

To be considered, your submission must:

  • be an original collection of poetry from one author in any language translated to English;
  • consist of 48-120 pages of translated poems;
  • include the poet’s name on the cover page, but NOT the translator’s name.

Find all the guidelines at Saturnalia Books’ website and submit your entry via their Submittable by November 7, 2021 (deadline extended!).