Sunday Submissions: Mizna Black SWANA Issue & Summer Interns

Mizna, a “critical platform for contemporary literature, film, art, and cultural production centering the work of Arab and Southwest Asian and North African artists,” is calling for submissions for its Black SWANA issue:

The issue (Winter 2022) will be guest-edited by poet Safia Elhillo and Mizna is

seeking works that demonstrate the infinitely varied and kaleidoscopic nature of the Black SWANA experience. The work itself does not have to be about the Black SWANA experience— rather, through the range of themes, forms, genres, and voices, we hope to assemble an issue that serves as a platform for critical exchange between authors and as a record of the current moment as it pertains to the Black SWANA experience.

They are interested in all kinds of literary or mixed print works created by artists identifying as Black; successful submissions will receive a $200 honorarium, a one year subscription to Mizna, and five copies of the issue.

Submissions close on May 6 and detailed submission guidelines can be found here.


Mizna is also looking for applicants for their summer internships:

They write:

Mizna is seeking thoughtful candidates to apply for paid internship positions and assist with an array of compelling programming this summer.

Interns will be part of a small and dynamic team with the opportunity to gain skills in nonprofit governance and engage with critical conversations pertaining to cultural production, equity, social justice, and contemporary film, art, literature etc.

They are looking for both a development intern and a film intern for the time between June 1 and August 31, 2022. The intern will receive a $1000 stipend. Applications are due May 17, with more information available on Mizna‘s website.