Sunday Submissions: Palestinian Global Anglophone Poetry Anthology

Publisher Haymarket Books is calling for contemporary poems by Palestinian-identifying poets for a new anthology:

Haymarket Books's logo, white writing on blue ground.

The anthology is edited by George Abraham and Noor Hindi. Submissions of translations and of works incorporating multiple languages are explicitely encouraged. The editors suggest as potential threads of exploration:

Palestinian futurity, hybrid and multi-lingual forms, experimental poetics, ecopoems, speculative poetics, permission to narrate/counter-narrate, Palestinian body, bio- and necro- politics, poetic lineage, queer poetics, collective-oriented poems, and Palestinian poetics re-thinking communal relations.

Only submissions by Palestinian-identifying writers and by translators translating work by Palestinian-identifying writers will be read.

Please include in your submission:

  • 3–5 poems in a single document;
  • a cover letter (max. 150 words) introducing yourself and your relationship to Palestine;
  • a short bio (50 words);
  • translation permission from the rights holder, if applicable.

Find out more about the anthology and the detailed submission guidelines here. Submissions are due by August 15, 2022.

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  1. This Quarterly seems interesting. Contributing to it would be quite an indicator that Palestine can always write, and there is much about Palestine to be written in form of literature.

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