Sunday Submissions: ArabPop ‘Celebration’ Issue

The Italian magazine ArabPop has opened calls for its fifth issue – the theme is ‘Celebration’.

The editors write:

As the fifth call of Arabpop. Magazine of Contemporary Arab Arts and Literatures is an important
milestone, we wanted to dedicate it to a theme that lends itself to a multitude of representations
and interpretations: Celebration.

With this call we want to explore the multiple cultural, literary and artistic connections in the Arab
world that refer to the concept of celebration. We therefore ask: why and how individuals celebrate
in their lives? How are these private or public moments recounted in the literature and art of the
Arab region and diaspora? What are the codes and rituals of the different moments of celebration,
be it a wedding, a funeral ceremony, a festival, a concert, a game or even a moment of domestic or
family intimacy? We are aware that celebrations are not always happy moments and can also have
traumatic or dramatic implications, or can represent the transgression of traditions, labels, rituals
and ceremonials in force within communities. As such, we are looking for pitches that provide a
broad and original literary and cultural overview on the theme of the celebration and that relate to
Arab art and literature

The issue will be edited by guest editor Rabii El Gamrani.

Deadline is the 15th June. Email your abstracts to

Click here for further information and detailed submission guidelines.