Bushra al-Maqtari’s ‘What Have You Left Behind’ Longlisted for 2023 Moore Prize For Human Rights Writing

JUNE 28, 2023 — The Christopher G. Moore Foundation today announced the 14-book longlist for its 2023 prize for human rights writing. Organizers said that each longlisted book was chosen “because of its fine quality of writing and ambitious, brave and original approach to highlighting crucial human rights issues across the world. The only translated title on the list is Bushra al-Maqtari’s What Have You Left Behind – Voices from a Forgotten War, as translated by Sawad Hussain.

Christopher G. Moore, founder of the Moore Prize, said in a prepared statement:

The Foundation has received 65 books on human rights issues, featuring diverse voices from around the world, ranging from a 12-year-old in Ukraine to a Nobel Prize winner in the Philippines. The collection covers past, present and future perspectives on human rights, exploring a variety of issues that have repercussions across our societies. These thought-provoking books amplify often unheard voices, fostering a more inclusive and informed global dialogue on human rights.”

The Moore Prize was established in 2015 to recognize “authors who, through their work, contribute to the universality of human rights and to give a platform to human rights issues that deserve greater attention across the world.” The shortlist is set to be announced on Wednesday, November 15, 2023, with a winner announced on Wednesday, January10, 2024.

The winner of the prize will receive £1,000.

The entire 2023 longlist:

The Fifth Act – America’s End in Afghanistan by Elliot Ackerman

I Feel No Peace – Rohingya Fleeing Over Seas and Rivers by Kaamil Ahmed

Masters of the Lost Land – The Untold Story of the Fight to Own the Amazon by Heriberto Araujo

Belly Woman – Birth, Blood and Ebola: The Untold Story by Benjamin Black

Ghosts of the Orphanage – A Story of Mysterious Deaths, a Conspiracy of Silence and a Search for Justice by Christine Kenneally

The Palestine Laboratory – How Israel Exports the Technology of Occupation Around the World by Antony Loewenstein

What Have You Left Behind – Voices from a Forgotten War by Bushra al-Maqtari; Translation by Sawad Hussain

165 Days – Prisoner of the Taliban by Asad Qureshi

How to Stand Up to a Dictator – The Fight for Our Future by Maria Ressa

You Don’t Know What War Is – The Diary of a Young Girl from Ukraine by Yeva Skalietska

The Great Escape – A True Story of Forced Labour and Immigrant Dreams in America by Saket Soni

Breakup – A Reporter’s Marriage Amid a Central African War by Anjan Sundaram

Killer in the Kremlin – The Explosive Account of Putin’s Reign of Terror by John Sweeney

Nomad Century – How to Survive the Climate Upheaval by Gaia Vince