Sunday Submissions: Exchanges ‘Endurance’ Issue

The University of Iowa’s Exchanges magazine has opened calls for submissions for its ‘Endurance’ issue.

Exchanges accept translations of poetry, short or excerpted fiction, plays, and literary nonfiction into English. They also welcome submissions of visual art, of any medium, to be considered as companion pieces to accepted translations.

These are the submission guidelines:

  • Both the original text and the translation in a copy-pastable text file format. Please, no .pdfs. If you absolutely must submit a .pdf in order to make the submission deadline, please notify us of this in your submission, and be prepared to supply a copy-pastable text file in advance of publication.
  • Brief biographies (100-150 words each) of both author and translator.
  • A Translator’s Note (150-500 words, approximately) in which you reflect on the translation process or another important aspect of your work that will help readers to contextualize, appreciate, and understand your piece.
  • Proof of permission from the original’s rightsholder(s) for publication of the original text on the internet.

Deadline for submissions is October 3, 2023.