Sunday Submissions: Malinda A. Markham Translation Prize for Women Translators of Women Poets

The Malinda A Markham Translation Prize — which honors the life and work of poet and translator Malinda A. Markham — is open to submissions through the end of October. Organizers are looking for manuscripts that are “a translation by a female translator of a female poet. Female is interpreted as anyone who identifies as female, including AFAB nonbinary, genderfluid, agender, and intersex.”

The manuscript, they write, “must be an original collection of poetry from one author in any language translated into English. This includes single collections as well as selected works. In the case of a selected collection, please ensure that one does not already exist in English.”

The winning manuscript will be chosen by Saturnalia Books’ editors, and the prize is $2000 and publication by Saturnalia Books.

You can submit online at