Sinaan Antoon on Why Writers Should Translate

استفدت كثيراً من ترجمة الشعر التي أمارسها منذ سنوات. I have benefited greatly from the translation of poetry…. فهي أهم تمرين، برأيي، بعد الكتابة نفسها لأنّك تواجه تحديّات العثور على المفردة الملائمة ونقل صور وتعابير من حيّز إلى آخر. It’s… Read More ›

Dial 1401 for Poetry

Novels may not be in every (Arab) hand, but poetry lives and breathes, particularly on the peninsula. This is not necessarily the poetry that one would recognize in the West—our sometimes difficult to understand, sometimes exhilarating, almost never popular lines—but… Read More ›

Nomadics Translates Dib

Nomadics has translated three poems by Mohammed Dib: “Guardian Shadow” 1, 2, and 3. Dib is an Algerian writer much-lauded in France but little translated into English. Was an Algerian writer. He died in 2003. Is. Was. Remains. I remember… Read More ›